This isn’t a post for people to feel bad or be like poor girl, its more for people to be more aware of their own actions and to think a bit more before they speak. These experiences have taught me to try and be more sensitive towards others feelings cause if you know me I usually just say whats on my mind with zero filter. So lets talk about… MY WEIGHT!

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Before I left Vancouver I really enjoyed taking a fitness class at least twice a week along with my regular gym sessions. It helped me push myself and the instructors always held me accountable when they wouldn’t see my regularly. When I moved to LA, I signed up for a gym and left it at that. I absolutely love going to the gym and working out but sometimes I find myself not pushing myself when it comes to working out certain muscles *cough* chest/triceps *cough* that I don’t care for.

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#FITNESSWITHD: Lorna Jane Haul

I’ve found that the best way for me to stay motivated is to buy cute athletic gear. Im starting to have a pretty big collection of athleisure wear and the obsession doesn’t seem to end. I have eyed Lorna Jane for a while now but shopping online for work out gear just isn’t the same as shopping for regular clothing.

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