Before I left Vancouver I really enjoyed taking a fitness class at least twice a week along with my regular gym sessions. It helped me push myself and the instructors always held me accountable when they wouldn’t see my regularly. When I moved to LA, I signed up for a gym and left it at that. I absolutely love going to the gym and working out but sometimes I find myself not pushing myself when it comes to working out certain muscles *cough* chest/triceps *cough* that I don’t care for.

Taking classes can be a hit or miss, I’ve taken classes at studios where I’m like okay, that was a waste I’m never coming again, but I’ve also taken some where I’m like wow. Well, today I was like WOW! Here I am ready to rave about Barrys Bootcamp.

I walked into the studio and was welcomed right away. The studio is beautiful and honestly what makes the experience ten times better. I love being in places that are aesthetically pleasing and the Venice location definitely hit the mark. I checked in and was given a run down on what to expect. The employee explained what the studio had to offer and reassured me that I would easily catch on once the class begun. I was even able to pre-order a protein shake that would be waiting for me once the class was over at the fuel bar.

After that whole process I went into the change room to put my belongings away. I couldn’t help but notice all the great toiletries that are provided by the studio and the beautiful restroom which was clean and fully equipped with a blow dryer, towels and even hair ties. I got myself ready and went upstairs to the stretching area. They have a bunch of equipment that you are able to use to stretch and warm your muscles up before and after the class, its such a big and open space overlooking the reception area and fuel bar, you can also peak through the doors and see inside the studio from upstairs.

Once I was all stretched out it was time for my class, today was a booty and leg day. You choose if you want to start on a treadmill or on the floor, later on in the class you switch positions.  You can also decided to do double floor work or double treadmill work which is great if you just want to focus on weight work or cardiovascular activity. I started on the treadmill because I haven’t ran in awhile due to injuring my knee last year so I wanted to get it over with (my knee is healed but I just avoid running on it cause I’m honestly just scared). The music started and we quickly got into a warm up which led to intervals of sprints. I think I had the most fun on the treadmill even though I was dying because its fun to just push your body. We continued with intervals until it was time to switch and go and do floor work. On the floor we used resistance bands and weights and did a variation of leg exercises. Once we were done on the floor we hopped back onto the treadmill and did more intervals but on inclines, the second part of running is what made my legs really BURN. We continued with intervals and once we were done went back onto the floor and did more leg variations. I was at the point where my legs were burning so much that I wanted the class to be over. When it was finally over, we stretched put all our equipment away and had a nice wet towel waiting for us as we exit the studio. Those 50 minutes in that class left me drenched. My heart was pounding and my face was so blotchy and red but I knew I had a killer work out and I knew I was going to come back.

Overall, I can say that Barrys Bootcamp Venice is amazing. I would give it a 5/5, their customer service was great, the studio was clean and the instructor knew what he was doing. Now it isn’t cheap, its $28 a class, but if you buy a package its cheaper. I also don’t think the price is bad when you think of all the facility has to offer. I can’t wait until Thursday when I go back!