I decided to dive into my blog today because for the past 6 days I’ve been having this feeling of uneasiness,  I just don’t feel like myself. Its not that I feel lost or feel a lack of motivation, I just have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach and I’m quite unsure where its coming from. I’m very in tune with my feelings lately,  I’m always thinking, reflecting, my minds basically just always running but I just can’t seem to pin point what is bugging me.

Exercising has been an outlet for me and usually by the time I’m done I feel this amazing high that nothing can really bring down but even after having an amazing class at Barry’s today and thinking I finally surpassed this feeling, my high just dropped down low once again. In order to not let this consume me I’m going to share 5 things I’m currently grateful for:

  • Having a healthy body that allows me to do what I love everyday.
  • Having amazing family and friends who shower me in love and constantly show me support.
  • Being able to go to the beach everyday.
  • Church!
  • This delicious coffee I’m currently drinking as I write this.

I hope everyone is having an amazing week.

xx D